Hoji roasted green tea blanc-manger

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22nd October, 2022

For the blancmange
200ml milk (whole milk preferred), 100ml full cream, 30g sugar, 10g hoji tea, 2g gelatin leaf

For the black sugar syrup
70g brown sugar, 70g water

Put the milk, cream and sugar in a saucepan and heat, turn off the heat just before boiling, add the hojicha and dissolve the gelatine.
Wait until the hojicha is well infused (about 5 minutes) and put it in a bowl, straining it through a tea strainer.
Cool the bowl containing the blancmange mixture in ice water while mixing well with a rubber spatula.
You can leave it in the bowl to set, but if you mix it well, it will have a smooth texture.
When the mixture starts to harden to a slightly thick texture, put it in a container and refrigerate it.

Add the water to the black sugar and bring to the boil.
When it comes to the boil, remove the scum and when it thickens, put it in a separate container and leave it at room temperature.

Refrigerate overnight (or 2-3 hours) and when the blancmange has set, serve with a drizzle of black sugar syrup.

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