A trendy concept in Japan has opened in Paris: the "Stand Tora"

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16th April, 2023

Without any chairs, these small bars have only a counter. The Japanese call them "stand" or "standing bar". There are several in Roppongi and Azabu, areas popular with foreign tourists. You can spend your time having a drink while strolling around, ordering a beer or a whisky cut with lemonade.

These bars are cheap, but at the "Stand Tora" in the first arrondissement of Paris, an impressive collection of Japanese whisky and sake is waiting to be sipped. Jazz provides a hushed atmosphere. The owner's wife manages the service in a soothing silence. Onigiri and oden are also available for refreshment.

Onigiri are rice dumplings with garnish and oden is similar to pot au feu but is simmered in Japanese broth and goes well with any type of alcohol. The egg in oden goes very well with Japanese mustard. In winter, this dish is very comforting with a glass of sake.

We are in Paris but the atmosphere is very Tokyo.
Here, you can get drunk in the quiet.

Stand Tora

6 Rue de la Sourdière, 75001 Paris

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