"iRASSHAi " : A new Japanese concept store in Paris

24th August, 2023

For many years now, Japanese food and cuisine have found their way onto the plates of the French, and their success has never waned - on the contrary, their range has grown considerably. The proof of this unceasing craze is perhaps to be found in the recent opening, right in the centre of Paris at 40 rue du Louvre, of a concept store dedicated to the Japanese culinary arts.

With over eight hundred square metres of floor space, "Irasshai" offers an unprecedented range of Japanese food products. Inaugurated on 9 August 2023, you can shop in the grocery shop, eat in the canteen or bistro, or have a drink in the bar or café. Soon, you'll be able to learn about Japanese cuisine in a dedicated area.

The initiative was the brainchild of Xavier Marchand and Thierry Maincent, who wanted to offer a comprehensive and simple approach to Japanese cuisine. To achieve this, no fewer than 1,000 food products are lined up on the shelves, many of them impossible to find anywhere else in France. An astonishing selection of rice is on offer. You can buy black rice, red rice, sticky rice and rice from different regions in bulk. Not far away, a wide range of soy sauce, miso, dried bonito, broth, seaweed and noodles compete with each other. The shop's owners are keen to ensure product transparency and easy access to culinary knowledge, so each item is carefully described, from the list of ingredients to an explanation of how they are used. All you have to do is scan a QR code on the label. For example, a condiment that is rare in France: sumiso. An explanation of the ingredients is displayed on the phone, along with a simple recipe and a list of allergens. Gone are the explanations in Japanese and the ingredients in English that are usually found on the import label. Japanese food has never been so accessible, and it's now easier to buy - you know what you're adding to the basket.

As the founding pillars of this boutique are "taste, choose and learn", cooking workshops and regular tasting events of flagship products are planned for the near future. 
As the name suggests, you'll feel very welcome at Irasshai!


40 rue du Louvre 75001