Recipe "Nitamago"

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24th August, 2022

6 eggs
70 cc soy sauce
40cc mirin (sweet cooking rice wine)
30cc sake
2 tbsp sugar

Bring the ingredients for the pickling liquid to a quick boil in a saucepan and remove from the heat.
Place 6 eggs in the boiling water.
If possible, use a net ladle or something similar to slowly pour them in.
They will crack, so be careful here. Add more salt (2 tablespoons) and rotate the eggs around in the pan with chopsticks.
By turning, the yolks inside will gather in the centre and make a beautiful cut surface.

Scoop out the netted eggs in just 6 minutes.
Ah, that was good hot water!
Just six minutes is the trick.
Immediately after removal, immediately place them in ice water to cool. Here's another trick.
Crack the eggshell and peel it while running it under running water pressure.
The sharper the crack, the easier it is to crack.
If you use running water, you can peel the eggs smoothly.

Put the soaking liquid and eggs in a plastic bag and let them sit in the fridge for a day and night after airing them out, and they are done.
This time, I served it with brown rice and grilled mackerel, etc. as a bowl of rice topped with a half-boiled egg.

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