From Tokyo

Hitonari Tsuji

6th November, 2022

I am in Japan.
I shot my tenth film in Fukuoka. Between two shoots, I ate ramen.

Fukuoka ramen has a pork bone broth, which is quite strong in flavor. You can also have another bowl of noodles called 'kaedama'.

I went to my favorite restaurant and ate rice cooked in a clay pot with sea bream. 

Finally, the film went into high gear. The film crew this time was made up of young people.
The film, which took three years to make, is called Nakasu no Kodomo (Children of Nakasu).

And now I'm in Tokyo and post-production starts soon.

I don't have a holiday during my stay in Japan. I would like to return to Paris as soon as possible. 
In Tokyo, I buy bentos and onigiri (rice balls) in a konbini (convenience store), eat them at the hotel and then go to bed...
Good night.

Hitonari Tsuji