Hitonari Tsuji

10th September, 2022

Twenty years have passed since I started living in Paris. I have made many friends. Many French people love Japan and are familiar with its culture.
The Franco-Japanese relationship goes back to the middle of the 19th century when Japanese art made its appearance at the Universal Exhibition in Paris. Prints, and more broadly, Japanese craftsmanship attracted a lot of attention. Many European artists were therefore greatly influenced, to the point of giving a name to this trend at the time, Japonisme. 
This love of Japan has continued to grow to this day, with the craze for Japanese films, literature and manga.  
This is why I thought it was necessary to propose an online magazine that would make Japanese culture and its still unknown crafts and lifestyle known. 
Japan has no less than 47 prefectures. Each one is embodied by its local specialties with its food, crafts and tourist attractions, all marked by its culture and history. 
I would like to engage readers' interest in the still unknown essence of Japan. 
For those of you who love Japan, I'd like to introduce you to a new Japan!

Japan Stories, first issue!
Hitonari Tsuji

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Hitonari Tsuji