The mochi boom in Paris!

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9th March, 2023

The Mochi boom has taken off.

Its unique texture not found in French pastries and the nutritional value of the bean paste are reasons for its popularity and the delight of curious Parisians. Mochi is not only tasty, but also gluten-free and vegetarian.

Recently in Paris, many Japanese food and sweet shops have been opened by French people.
After living in Japan for a few years, they are using their experiences to bring these flavours to Paris.

Japanese pastry shops are still secret and confidential. However, with the multiplication of specialised shops, mochi are no longer only known as Asian but also as Japanese. It is interesting to note that two versions are offered: one scrupulously reproduces the Japanese flavours, the other is arranged to suit French tastes.

The combination of the traditional recipe and the local flavour has attracted sweet tooths.

La Maison du Mochi, which opened in 2019 in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, is one such shop. The French owner has lived in Japan.
Fascinated by Japanese wagashi, she opened a mochi shop in Tours when she returned to France.
At first, she only sold her products online, but orders poured in from all over France and the success was overwhelming. This success led to a physical shop in Paris, and after the confinement, this thriving business is now a fixture in the repertoire of popular pastry shops.

When Matilda Motte, the owner, had to move to Japan for her husband's work, she knew nothing about Japanese culture. She knew nothing about wagashi, but after her Japanese teacher recommended an address, she discovered a previously unknown world.
Daifuku looks like mochi, but it has a dough inside that can be seen through the rice coating. Attracted by the surprise of biting into a sweet, she decided to open her own shop as soon as she returned to France.

Mathilda makes her mochi in Tours in her Atelier du Mochi and ships them to Paris early in the morning. She also organises Japanese confectionery courses.
Thus, she has contributed to the popularisation of this pastry.
The future of this delicacy is evolving while preserving its tradition. 

Maison du mochi 39 rue du Cherche-Midi

La Maison du Mochi

39 Rue du Cherche-Midi, 75006 Paris

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