Karaage, as tasted in Japan!

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15th June, 2023

One of the most popular Japanese dishes in France is karaage. This is borne out by its popularity among the many bento restaurants on offer, and by the fact that the word 'karaage' is used rather than 'fried chicken'. It's important to add that, unlike onigiri, chirashi or riceburger, whose flavours have been adjusted to suit French tastes, this fried chicken has retained its authentic taste. French karaage tastes and crunches just like in Japan.

Today, there is even a specialised restaurant. "Nakatsu" is located in the capital's eighteenth arrondissement, and pays homage to the small town in Oita prefecture that is famous for this dish. The owners are Mathieu and Charles, who talk passionately about their new venture

"We want to respect the animal lives sacrificed to feed humans, so we rigorously select the chickens we offer. The poultry is farm-raised, has lived one hundred and twenty days and comes from Normandy". Instead of the standard eighty days, the meat is more tender and tasty. After marinating in soy sauce, sake and garlic, it is coated in Japanese potato starch, katakuriko. It is fried twice, in short, everything is done according to the rules of the art, just like in Japan.

The sauces are also carefully prepared. You can choose from: tartar-miso, mayonnaise-ginger and sweet-spicy mayonnaise. The mison paste is organic and made in Brittany. It adds finesse to the mayonnaise.

"The French love karaage! Mathieu says that those who don't know much about Japan appreciate this dish, which he makes at home for his friends, just as much as those who do.

We can't wait to taste Japanese-style karaage in Paris, especially as it's being cooked by young Frenchmen.

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