Hitonari Tsuji

8th June, 2023

The audience was made up of as many Japanese as French. My lyrics, too, were both Japanese and French. It was like a moment of fusion between the two countries.

With Deep Forest, I sang a traditional Japanese song 'Kojo no tsuki'. It was a wonderful meeting of our two cultures. We also sang "Ne me quitte pas" by Jacques Brel. But also the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Edith Piaf, here at the legendary Olympia. 

I'm delighted to have been part, for one evening, of the history and musical tradition of this place.

Today I'm back to writing my novels. I'm swimming between the lines.

The time for silence has returned. My life is there, somewhere between movement and calm. I preserve myself in these two modes of expression.

Hitonari Tsuji