Sadaharu Aoki's patisserie brews up Japan

Hitonari Tsuji

3rd December, 2022

In his cakes and sweets, pastry chef Sadaharu Aoki does not skimp on the amount of tea and other Japanese ingredients used. His attachment to tea is remarkable. Matcha (green tea), hojitcha (roasted green tea) and genmaitcha (wholegrain rice tea) are carefully selected and imported from Aichi prefecture for green tea and from Kyoto for hojicha and genmaicha. 

Twenty years have passed since I regularly visit Aoki. I was first seduced by their matcha green tea eclairs, so tasty. I had never eaten such a good one, so I started to frequent his tea room. 
French tea lovers soon heard about it and its popularity exploded, so much so that the delicacies ran out quickly and I had none left... 
Twenty years later, Aoki's passion for tea has not disappeared.

When the shop next to the Segur metro station opened, I liked to sit in the tea room and work on my novels. Inspiration came naturally. My favourite pastry was the gâteau roulé. The fine, smooth cream was wrapped in a very light sponge pastry. The soft texture melted in my mouth, it was Aoki's speciality. I found myself soothed after a long day of creative work. Comfort after the effort. 
Every time I went there, I left with black sesame and matcha almonds. Since the shop's lounge closed due to the covid, disappointed not to be able to take time out to enjoy a sweet with a tea, I had to resign myself to buying only chocolates. Aoki's rich, expansive chocolates have a flavour that evokes Japan and Asia for me. 

Aoki has become a unique and unmissable presence in Paris. Offering flavours and depths unique to Japanese taste traditions, he has brought matcha and sesame to the world of French patisserie. If he had lived in a Japanese atmosphere, he would have been the representative of Japanese pastry chefs in France. 

Indulge in his delicate cakes and their sweetness.

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Hitonari Tsuji