What I think about death

Hitonari Tsuji

27th January, 2023

People talk about near-death experiences, but we will leave this hypothesis aside since it is a neurological problem.

Some people claim to have experienced death, but we will also leave aside these far-fetched testimonies...

In any case, no one knows or can explain what ends life and no one has given a living account of paradise.
Man rises by day and sleeps by night. Every day. Life is thus a succession of repetitions.
He has breakfast, does his business and his duties and then goes back to bed. The day is short between getting up and going to bed. When he looks at himself in the mirror, he witnesses his subtle ageing on a daily basis, but he remains in a permanent repetition. There is therefore no beginning or end, only a perpetual present. 
Even if it seems that there is an end, called death, no one is able to prove it. 

Because living people have never experienced death.
Man only has memories from a certain age. He lives death by proxy through the death of others. He has an idea of it but no one has ever witnessed his own death.  
Therefore, man will never experience death.
One is conscious of life but not in death. I then realised that one can doubt the very existence of death. I became sceptical. Indeed, if we start from the principle of the perpetual present, then the end cannot exist. 
Moreover, would the notion of death, as it is conveyed in schools, in society or on television, not be preconceived? It is certainly possible to associate death with an end, but since we cannot experience our own end, the latter remains ambiguous.

What a puzzle.

Now let's try to put ourselves in my dog's shoes. 
Sanshiro is also in this get-up-and-go loop. His pleasures are eating, walking, napping, snacking and playing. He doesn't think about death any more than he thinks about taxes or social security. He dreams and has nightmares, he has his world as man has his. He can dream of a big dog chasing him, he has his fears. 
He too lives in a perpetual present. 
He will surely die one day, perhaps before my eyes. I will then witness his death, but not him. He may suffer, but it will be the end, so he won't know. Anyway, dogs don't think about death. 
I go to bed after seeing Sanshiro sleeping in the bathroom. Tomorrow, surely, I will be writing. I am writing. I can only exist in this repetition. 

When I was young, I was constantly thinking about where I came from and where I was going. I would look at my classmate sitting in front of me and wonder why I was unable to grasp her thoughts. 
Since then, I have not stopped thinking.
Every day since then, I have been asking myself: where did we come from and where are we going?
Today it's a bit different. 
I tell myself that we don't come from anywhere and we are not going anywhere. We are only in the repetition of the present.  

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Hitonari Tsuji