Nanbutekki, the tea star

16th June, 2023

There aren't as many tearooms as cafés in France, but they're on the increase. These are places where you can relax over a cup of tea and a pastry. The atmosphere is also cosier, with comfortable armchairs, far from the crowded terraces. It's here that a Japanese piece doesn't go unnoticed: the Nanbutekki.

This is a teapot whose origins go back more than four hundred years. Although few Japanese use it today, it was an essential part of the set design for black-and-white films at the beginning of the previous century. Made of cast iron, it was born in Morioka in the prefecture of Iwate. Now available in a multitude of colours, its silhouette and ability to retain heat for several hours make Nanbutekki a must-have tableware of the moment. Its relatively high price, justified by its functionality, makes this teapot a piece that exudes an aura of luxury.

Long a favourite in the cold lands of Japan, Nanbutekki has now found its way into the cupboards of French households. You can buy it in tea shops, if not on the Internet.