KUNITORAYA. Udon, and a man, that gives Parisians conquered

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25th August, 2022

Mr. Masafumi Nomoto

Alongside the popularity of ramen, udon is a passion of Parisian insiders.
Udon is a type of Japanese noodle and the methods of making it vary from region to region.

The most famous are

1, Gotō udon are characterized by thin noodles that are coated with camellia oil and then matured
2, Inaniwa udon are rather thin, flat and smooth.
3, Mizusawa udon are one of the three main types of udon in Japan, their softness gives an elastic effect
4, Sanuki udon represents the Shikoku region, with thick, elastic and firm noodles

Kunitoraya is the most famous restaurant specialising in udon. It has been in existence for thirty years in the Opera district and remains very popular with the Japanese community because of the suppleness of the noodles, which are reminiscent of those from Shikoku. It was Masafumi Nomoto, 63, who introduced these noodles to France. Having come to France as a chef in French gastronomy, he went in search of originality by opening the first udon restaurant in the Opéra district.

Bonito tataki

Kunitora Udon

While ramen used to steal the hearts of the French, its number of followers has slowly but surely grown. Not a day goes by when a long line of people stand in front of Kunitoraya during rush hour. Today, many restaurants of the same kind have opened and these thick noodles have become a real fashion phenomenon. 

Kunitora Udon" is extremely popular, not only for its hand-kneaded noodles, but also for its pork soup with miso from rice marc.
Thirty years ago, most of the customers were nostalgic Japanese, but today the restaurant is filled every day with Parisians who love the country.
The first Kunitoraya restaurant, with its authentic and popular udon shop look, is located at 1, rue villedo, in the Opera district. Here you can simply enjoy the udon, noisily tasting the thick noodles bathed in a creamy soup. 
The second restaurant, at number 5 in the same street, is more gastronomic and serves dishes with choice ingredients. In November, wood-grilled kebabs will be added to the menu. This is where I go when I'm feeling homesick, to enjoy the appetizers specially prepared by Masafumi, not forgetting to sip some good sake. I feel like I am at the counter of a great Japanese restaurant in Ginza. I finish in beauty with a bowl of noodles!

Octopus salad

Barbue in Kobujime with a few slices of white truffles, it doesn't hurt

Raw fatty tuna

This is a Japanese restaurant for Japanese connoisseurs.

Restaurant Kunitoraya

5, rue Villedo 75001 Paris

Original text

1, 五島うどん「細麺が特徴、椿油をぬって熟成させる」、
2, 稲庭うどん「やや細めで平べったく、つるつるしている」
3, 水沢うどん「日本三大うどんの一つ、弾力あり」
4, 讃岐うどん「四国を代表する麺が太く強い弾力とコシがある」
大衆的なうどん本来の佇まいを持つ「国虎屋」一号店は、オペラ地区、rue villedoの1番地にある。そして5番地には、「うどん」をベースに高級食材を使ったハイクラスの和食店「国虎屋」が展開している。

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